Which Integrations are supported?


The most popular core integrations that lead our affiliate script mechanism are listed here 1-5 points.

Choose which one is the integration you will want to pay commission for and we will help you to understand how it is possible to integrate with your site.

1. CPS -> Cost Per Sale

  • You can create Integration to pay a commission per total order on your site/store/landing, as well.
  • Step 1: You simply create a program and set the commission you like to share with an affiliate that will share and promote your site and sales will come from his promotion.
  • Step 2: A commission will be cut from the total order(exclude shipping&tax) and will be recorded in the Admin&Affiliate wallet.
  • Step 3: Once the sale is approved(manual or Auto) the commission will auto release to the affiliate and he will be able to request a withdrawal from you(as admin).

2. CPC -> Cost Per Click

  • You can create Integration to pay a commission to a situation that client is clicking on your site/page/landing/any link, that you choose, from an affiliate lead.
  • It can be a specific page, it can be one time click on the website, it can be a specific product in a store, it can be a landing page, and more.
  • Important that you will have an access to that backend page, so you can place the tracking code of the affiliate program as well.

3. CPL-> Cost Per Leads

Do you want to track leads/forms sent on your site? ->> You will need to have a thank you page that the user will be redirected after the Leads action will be done.

4. CPR -> Cost Per Registration

Do you want to track user’s registrations on your site and pay a commission per registration lead? ->>   You will need to have a thank-you page that the user will be redirected to after the registration is completed.

5. CPA -> Cost Per Action

      • You can create Integration for any action that your clients are doing on your site, you are agreeing to pay a commission to the affiliate for that.
      • It can be for example that when a new client registering to your site from an affiliate lead, you will want to pay commission.
      • It can be any action that your client is doing some action on your site/landing page/store…etc and then the client is landing on a thank you page after his action is completed. Once it is completed, then commission release to his wallet as well.


We have so many other types of integrations like plug&play to the most popular cms (wordpress, Magento, and many more…)