Vendor order integration flow example


We are describing here an example of the flow when affiliate promoting vendor local store product or external order campaign.

The flow of a local store order with vendor product:

Vendor deposit = 50$
Client Order = 100$


Admin commission = 10$
Affiliate commission = 10$
Vendor Total Earning = 80$


Total Vendor Balance = (100$+50$) – (10$+10$) = 130$


A few good points that need to know about vendor products/campaigns activity:

  • Once the vendor does not deposit the minimum amount, his products/campaigns will be offline.
  • Once the vendor deposits his minimum amount, his products/campaigns are online for affiliates.
  • Once there is a sale and the commission gets approved in the wallet, and the deposit balance is changed back to the minimum that the vendor must deposit, all his products/campaigns go offline.


Vendor wallet proof:


Admin wallet proof: