System payments methods


Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>payments>>payment gateways

The payment system is for the admin will get his user’s payments in all these 3 modules:

  • Membership module – user[Affiliate/Vendor] pay Admin Balance for a membership package he chooses.
  • Deposit module – user[Vendor] deposits money to Admin Balance so that he can work with the system.
  • Store module – The client that buys in the store pays the amount of the products to Admin Balance.

Payment system supported Methods:

  • Bank Transfer payment method
  • Cash On Delivery payment method [except deposit module]
  • Flutterwave payment method
  • Paypal payment method
  • Paypal standard payment method
  • Paystack payment method
  • Razorpay payment method
  • Skrill payment method
  • Stripe payment method
  • Xendit payment method
  • Yappy payment method
  • Yookassa payment method
  • Toyyibpay payment method
  • API to add new payments methods

Off/On button – Set the payment method status [ enable/disable] on each module[Store/deposit/membership]

Check button – Set the payment method default view [means, if checked, it will display first on the list, on the checkout page].

Install/Uninstall button – Install/Uninstall the payment method you need to use.

Edit button – Insert your payment data details, according to the payment method account.