This document outlines the minimum and recommended hosting requirements for installing the Affiliate Management System, a stand-alone PHP script based on the Codeigniter 3 framework.

Important Notes

  • The script is designed for Linux-shared hosting.
  • Must be run on a separate domain or sub-domain.

Minimum Script Requirements

  • Operating System: Linux shared hosting
  • Framework: Support for Codeigniter framework
  • Modules & Permissions:
    • Rewrite module enabled for .htaccess
    • Folder permissions set to 755
    • File permissions set to 644
  • Libraries and Extensions:
    • OpenSSL Encrypt
    • Mysqli
    • IP API
    • ZipArchive
    • php_curl Enabled
    • allow_url_fopen
    • Gzip compression
    • GD Library Installed
  • File Upload & Post Settings:
    • upload_max_filesize: minimum 256MB
    • post_max_size: minimum 256MB
  • SSL Support: Domain/Sub-Domain must support SSL
  • Software Versions:
    • PHP version 7.4+
    • MySQL 5.6 +

Recommended Hosting for Affiliate Script

For optimal performance and support of your affiliate script, we recommend exploring the hosting solutions linked below. These providers have been carefully selected to ensure they offer the best compatibility and efficiency for affiliate scripts. Click on the green banner to learn more.

Support and Additional Services

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.