Are you looking to boost your website sales, traffic, and leads? The PHP affiliate management system offers you all these in a single package.

Every successful business website has an integrated PHP affiliate system. This robust and powerful software is the secret behind successful leads, sales, and traffic for many websites. You can have it today and watch your profits grow exponentially.

You want to enjoy the fruits of a PHP affiliate software, integration into your website is necessary. The following is a break-down of how to get that done in very easy steps.

Step 1

You need to download and include a PHP tracking file on a relevant webpage. That is dependent on the particular pages you want to track.

Step 2

Upon successful completion of any sale, you will need to record the same in the PHP affiliate software program. This stage comes with optional payment methods like PayPal, visa cards, and many more. These options are used to remit commissions to the various affiliates.

With such a simple and direct integration procedure, you are ready to get started. You can start doing your splendid transactions and manage your sales more efficiently than ever before.

The working mechanism is pretty simple. It involves using an affiliate link to do your business promotions. This is provided upon signup to the service. The link is to be integrated directly into your web pages so that it auto-redirects traffic to the merchant website as appropriate.

Upon clicking on the link, a prospective buyer is redirected to the merchant’s website where they can make purchases. The PHP affiliate software captures all the transactions progress and ultimately credits your affiliate account with a commission.

The commission rate is an agreeable amount between the merchant and the affiliate website owner. There are plenty of revenue models available. The main ones used by many PHP affiliates are:
• Commissions
• Membership plan fees
• Banner adverts

Commissions are paid by the merchant to the various affiliate web owners. This is done on the basis of Pay per click, Pay per Lead, or Pay per acquisition. It all depends on what is agreeable to a particular affiliate network.

The membership plan fee is levied depending on a subscriber’s choice. Available PHP affiliate plans should have different levels of privileges.

Banner ads are very commonplace on the web. They are good revenue sources for most websites running the PHP affiliate software.

This is often a major concern for new users. With this program, you can rest assured that everything is safe and secure. With built-in security and fraud prevention tools, all affiliates are safe and secure with every passing transaction.

Some of the security tools include:
• A propriety redundancy tracking tool
• Commission blocking tool
• Propriety password hashing tool

You can now manage your online business efficiently and keep track of all cash flows and sales with this intelligent software; the PHP affiliate.



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