Mobile App For User-Side [Affiliate/vendor]

The mobile App is for use by the affiliate/vendor users.

Version 1.0 of the App includes the following pages:

  1. Dashboard Page
  2. Profile Page
  3. Banners & Links Page
  4. Commission Page
  5. Network Page
  6. Payment Page
  7. Contact Admin Page


The App is built on flutter technology using Dart language and all data is fetched by using API to the affiliate script you are running.

All you will need to do, for making the app run with your site data, is to save your domain inside the App config file and create your .apk for upload to your store. Or in the case of IOS as well.

The Mobile App Is Paid Item and it will be available only on the Envato marketplace for sale.

You will get the full source of the App and from that point, managing code or uploading to the store is your own responsibility.

Any modification or extra development or configuration with your site can be done by us and are paid services.

The mobile application is not available yet on the Envato market

If you have any questions – please contact us for more details HERE