Mobile App For Client-Side [Affiliate/vendor]

Your affiliates will be able to download mobile applications for IOS and for ANDROID.

The mobile application allows the user to do all actions from his mobile phone application.

This is a full react mobile native application based on our API.

You will need to edit the application with your site domain and authorization key so the application will work with your site data as well.

The Mobile App Is Paid Item –  750$. [You will get App Files [React JS Project – design side + js functionality]

The app will work only with your domain only and no one can work with your app for another site.

The app included React js files and its based API. Your developer will need to create the functions for all pages that you want to use.

All the functions are available in the script API.

The design will look the same as you saw on the video, and if you want different colors or different designs, your developer will need to change it.

After doing everything, your developer will need to create the files for Android/IOS and upload them to the online stores.

The application is for the affiliate/vendor side and not for the admin and you are getting the design side + js functionality.

All connecting to API will need to be done with your efforts and with your mobile developer.

If you have any questions – please contact us for more details HERE