MLM – Commission Per Registration


How to set up a commission per registration?

MLM module has two options you can set a commission to your affiliates per registrations invitations.

Navigation: Admin Panel >> Left menu >> MLM >> MLM levels


Option 1: Registration custom commission amount[%]

In this option, you can set custom commission for registration, and all levels that you set under, will be cut from that custom commission that will be needed to pay from your own balance.

Example: [let’s say you set 3 levels]

Custom commission = 40$[dollars are only, for example, your currency will auto displayed]

level 1 – 30% [will get 12$]

level 2 – 20% [will get 8$]

level 3 -10% [will get 4$]


Option 2: Registration Fixed Amount

In this option, you can set a fixed amount to each level you set in the mlm levels.

Example: [let’s say you set 3 levels]

Fixed commission = A fixed commission that you will set on each level will be needed to pay to your affiliate from your own balance.

level 1 – 30$ [will get 30$]

level 2 – 20$ [will get 20$]

level 3 -10$ [will get 10$]


Registration flow commission flow process:
The commission is recorded to the affiliate wallet with the status in-wallet[which means affiliate can request to withdraw], once the user account that was invited to register, is Active.

If the new member account will be on pending status, the commission will be on-hold status in the affiliate wallet, until the member account will be active.


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