MLM – Commission Per Membership Registration


How to set up a membership registration commission?

MLM module allows you to set a commission to your affiliates per membership registrations invitations.

Navigation: Admin Panel >> Left menu >> MLM >> MLM levels

In this option, you can set custom Membership Registration Commission [%] to each level, and the commission will be calculated as a percentage of the membership package amount that the invited user buys.

All levels that you set under, will earn a percentage from the membership package, that will be needed to pay from your own balance.

Example: [let’s say you set 3 levels]

User[level 4] – buy a membership package that cost him 85$[dollars are only, for example, your currency will auto displayed]

level 1 – 30% [will get 25.5$]

level 2 – 20% [will get 17$]

level 3 -10% [will get 8.5$]

Membership package commission flow process:
The commission is recorded to the affiliate wallet with the status in-wallet, which means the affiliate can request to withdraw, only after the membership package buying process is completed and the status of the membership package is active.

If the membership package is on pending status, the commission is recorded to the affiliate wallet with the status on-hold, which means the affiliate can’t request to withdraw the commission until the membership package payment status is complete by the admin.


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