Manual withdrawal process


To set the wallet for manual withdrawal please navigate to the admin side>>wallet>>settings and set the following settings as described.

Admin side – Parameters to set:

Other settings that are not related to manual withdrawal but can be set in the script:


Admin side – Payment requests:

Step 1: The admin can see all the withdrawal requests under the wallet>>wallet requests

Step 2: The admin can press the “details” button on each row the wallet request status is “Received” and manage the withdrawal request payment by paying to the user by PAYPAL or by Bank transfer method after payment is completed the admin goes to step 3.

Step 3: Admin needs to change the status of payment to “Complete” and add the new status. The user balance and wallet will auto-get updated. Same as the admin side as well.


User side:

On the user side, the withdrawal process has two steps:

Step 1: The user sends a withdrawal request from his panel and it is received on the admin panel.

Under the user side>>wallet>>wallet page.

If the user has something to withdraw, he will see the data inside the withdrawal button:

Step 2: In case the user has a balance of withdrawal, he needs to press the button and choose the available options he can get the money from the admin.

Optional: The user also can choose which transactions he would like to withdraw and then withdraw amount button will be updated.