Local store setting


You can run the store only in one mode at the same time. Cart mode or Sales mode

1. Cart mode is to manage a regular store with physical/virtual products and add to the cart checkout process

2. Sales mode is like the JVZoo platform. You can create an integration to any external sales pages and place the pay button and all checkout processes will be done on the system side, and the user will get the commission as well. [Sales mode add product guide:]



Store setting is under this location:

Admin dashboard>>left menu>>local store>>settings>>store setting tab

  • Store Name: Type your store name
  • Set status: Enable/Disable
  • Store mode: Cart/Sales
  • Store Theme: Choose a theme from the available
  • Store item name: Enable/Disable “marketplace” on front theme
  • Store Google analytics: set your google Analytics code
  • Store logo: upload your store logo
  • Store favicon icon: Upload your store favicon icon
  • Store footer text: Add the footer text of your store
  • Store contact us map: Add the contact us google iframe code map
  • Store Address: Add the full address of your physical store
  • Store email: Add the admin store contact email address
  • Store mobile: Add the admin store contact mobile number
  • Store-front: https://your_domain_name/store