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Update Script Version

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How To Update Script To Latest Version

Update version To

If you are running an affiliate pro script already, this is the way to update the script to the latest version.

Steps for update:

Back up your affiliate script files from your hosting side, before you start the update process


Step 1: Download the latest version of affiliate script (


Step 2: Extract the zip file on your PC

Step 3: Upload “” file from script files to your affiliate script root folder

Step 4: Extract “” file using extract button on your hosting


Step 5: Log in to your affiliate script admin side


Step 6: Navigate to Global setting>>Install the new version


Step 7 – browse the database.sql file from script files




Step 8 – Finish – go back to the dashboard home page


Your script is not updated to version

Enjoy our script and if you have any issue, contact us please To