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Reset Admin Password Not Working

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Here are instructions about how to insert SMTP details into the script.

Insert SMTP instuctions

Forget password will work for the admin side only if you insert all details of SMTP that are available on your hosting panel.

You can insert SMTP details under global setting>>configuration>>email setting

If you didnt insert smtp and you cant login, follow this instructions

1. Login to your phpmy admin from your cpanel/plesk

2. Go to your affiliate script database

3. Go to your users table

4. Go to your admin user and press on password filed 

5. Insert this string inside the password filed

6. String: 7479305b3e914c467c0cb2eba57b352b58e1ff37

7. Now you will be able to log in to admin panel using this password: admin2018$

If you are facing any issues, send us your hosting details and we will do this for you for free.