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Updates Logs

  • Updates Log - Version – 05.02.2020
  • - Fixed - The front side theme shows a bug when trying to upload an image from the editor.
    - Fixed - When saving a product so both buttons are running together even while pressing on one button.
    - Fixed - Link was not auto placed inside integration code on the admin side.
    - Fixed - Some of the data was not shown on the admin wallet.
    - Fixed - Install folder available even script is installed.
    - Fixed - Added a space between the first name and last name on the client's table.
    - Fixed - On index3 theme recaptcha was cover the register button.
    - Fixed - The order total was not shown on the admin wallet, report tables.
    - Fixed - The order total was not shown on the user wallet, report tables.  
    - Fixed - Can't login when google recaptcha is enabled.
    - Fixed - Store client cant login when google recaptcha is enabled.
    - Fixed - Downloadable product download link was available to the un-login clients.
    - Fixed - Clicks data transactions were shown in the wallet, even it is disabled in the program.
    - Fixed - A responsive issue on the products page.
    - Fixed - A responsive issue on the forms page.
    - Fixed - A responsive issue on the orders page.
    - Fixed - COPY option was not copied with the integrated code to clipboard.
    - Fixed - Review can be done only when the client is login in.
    - Fixed - The current User was not shown on the affiliate tree side.
    - Fixed - Selected Products does not show on forms.
    - Fixed - View report statistics graph on the first-page load.
    - Fixed - Registration form fields styling.
    - Fixed - Backup database and restore the database.
    - Fixed - View saved video in front side editor.
    - Fixed - Zlib extension alert server error.
    - New - Recurring feature integration.
    - New - Show childe recurring transactions inside the main transaction.
    - New - Adding the cron job tab for the recurring feature.
    - New - Paypal standard payment getaway added to the digital store. 
    - New - Set icon to market tools Ads.
    - New - Removed Quantity when the product is set as Downloadable.
    - New - Added an icon to downloadable products on the list.
    - New - Top 10 affiliates available now on the affiliate dashboard.
    - New - Adding shipping cost per country.
    - New - Enable/Disable shipping per country.
    - New - Update script database and files module.

  • Updates Log - Version – 07.01.2020
  • - Fix XSS on Admin and User side
    - Improve Admin Dashboard
    - Improve front-end style
    - Improve Digital Store

    If you still not our client and you want to test our script, use links below.