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How to integrate Affiliate script with Magneto?

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The integration of Affiliate script with your Magento will be 3 steps:

Step 1 – install affiliate plugin for Magento on your Magento site.

step 2 – Create a commission programme on the affiliate admin dashboard.

step 3 – Create an Ads from type banner/link/text/video, on the affiliate admin dashboard.

Step 1 – “Install plugin”:
  • Log in to your affiliate script admin dashboard.
  • Go to integrations>>website integrations.
  • Click on Magento icon.
  • Download the plugin to your local pc, see image on this page for understanding.
  • Log into your Magento dashboard.
  • Upload new plugin zip file that you download from Affiliate script.
  • Install the plugin and wait until the installation will be finished.
  • Activate Plugin, and now you completed “Affiliate” plugin installation successfully.

Step 2 – Create a program:
  • Give a name to your new commission program.
  • Choose which type of commission you set to your program.
  • Set the value of the commission.
  • Enable or Disable the program.
  • Do both settings for Sale commission and for Product Click commission.
  • Save to finish.

Step 3 – Create an ADS:
  • Go to Market tools>>Marketing Ads
  • Add new Ads from type Banner or Text or Link or Video
  • Save your new Ads.
  • Your Ads will auto-published on Affiliates dashboard.
  • Now your script is ready for use with your Magento store integration.

Your affiliates will see the Ads that you added on tham dashboard and they will be able to grab the ads link

and share it to any place they want like email, WhatsApp, Facebook…etc.. and even on tham blog/site as well.

Create your Ads Banner/Text/Link/Video:
  • Go to market tools>>Marketing Ads.
  • Create a new Ads Banner/Text/Link/Video.
  • Choose “program” type.
  • Choose the program that you created in the preview step.
  • Type any name to your program, any name you like.
  • Insert the link to your Magento store.
  • Enable or disable.
  • Select your banner image, you can upload no limit banner images.
  • Select which users will be able to share this banner, All users or specific users from the list.
  • Save the banner setting. (press only on “save” button”.
  • Go to next tab “Commission setting” and set your specific referral program to this banner, if not choose so banner will take the setting from the general referral setting at left menu>>Global setting>>Comfiguration>>referal level system. 
  • That’s all, you are ready to info your users about the new banner you created for tham.