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How to integrate Affiliate script with Any action?

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How to integrate any CPA with your website?

Step 1 – On admin dashboard, Create an Action Ads by choosing the type ads you want from this list: banner/link/text/video.

Step 2 – integrate “website-code” on your site.


Step 1 - Create Action ADS:


  • Go to Market tools>>Marketing Ads
  • Add new Ads from type Banner or Text or Link or Video
  • Select Tool Type>Action
  • Set the 
  • Set the cost per action
  • Set your action code name(no space and no special charters)
  • Type any name to your program, any name you like.
  • Insert the link of the page that triggers the action on your site.
  • Enable or disable.
  • Select your banner image, you can upload no limit banner images.
  • Select which users will be able to share this banner, All users or specific users from the list.
  • Save the banner setting. (press only on “save” button”)
  • After finish create the banner you can continue to step 2. 
  • Your affiliates will see the Ads that you added on them dashboard and they will be able to share it on them network.

If you want to have a referral program to this banner, follow this points to do

Go to next tab “Commission setting” and set your specific referral program to this banner, if not choose so banner will take the setting from the general referral setting at left menu>>Global setting>>Configuration>>referral level system. 

That’s all, you are ready to info your users about the new banner you created for them.


Step 2 - Integrate website-code on your site:

1. Press on website-code

2. popup window will be open  for you, follow instruction on next image



3. Copy/past your target URL into the “WebsiteUrl” parameter:

4. Copy all <script> code and place it on your thank you page/confirmation page that user is redirect from your payment getaway success process.


How you can make a test ?

1. Login as an affiliate user to your affiliate script.

2. Look for Affiliate links section on the dashboard.

3. Pick the correct banner action.

4. Press “get-code” and copy the affiliate link to share.

5. Open a new browser and past the link and hit Enter.

6. Do the action process like you are the end user.

7. When done, check your admin side to have a new action on hold status on admin wallet page.

8. Change status to “in-wallet” and check admin side to be update and affiliate side to be update with the new transaction.