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How i can integrate a general order integration?

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How to integrate a general order tracking with my site?

1. Login to admin dashboard and navigate to market tools>>marketing program.

2. Create a program – choose the commission per sale and commission per click.

* You can always disable clicks if you don’t need it.

3. Save your new program

4. Go to Market tools>>Marketing Ads

5. Add new Ads from type Banner or Text or Link or Video

6. Select Tool Type>program

7. Select the program that you create on step 2.

8. Import all parameters on the banner page and save.

9. Press on “website-code” text link.

10. Insert all variables for the code is show in the black frame box.

11. Copy the <script> code and place it in the confirmation order page that user redirect to only after a success transaction.

12. Now you can make a test and see all is working properly.

13. Login to affiliate side as affiliate user.

14. Copy the link from affiliate dashboard and past it on a new browser.

14. Hit enter and process and order as end-user.

15. Check your admin dashboard for getting a new order to orders page under activity menu.

16. That’s all, your script ready now for getting an external orders from your site.