How to upgrade from a regular license to an extended license


To upgrade your license from regular to extended, follow the steps:

  • The first step is to buy an extended license from our item page HERE   [ Choose the extended license from the right box:]
  • After completing purchases, download your new extended  license from HERE
  • Log in to your existing affiliate script admin panel.
  • On the left menu, navigate to useful links>> add-ons>> and press the system license module.
  • Press the “Uninstall” version button.
  • Popup will be open, fill in your admin password and current license key[regular] and press the Un-Install button.
  • Once the process is finished successfully, you will be redirected to the script installation page.
  • Install the script by typing your new extended license key, your valid mail id, and the current database details that are already connected to your site.
  • Press Install to finish the installation process with your new extended license.
  • log in to the admin panel and navigate to useful links>>add ons>> and press the system license module and make sure you can now see your extended license.
  • Now, by Envato policy, you are allowed to use the membership module and charge your users.
  • After the upgrade process is completed and if you are no longer using the regular license on another domain, you can create a refund request to the regular license on the codecanyon website.

For any issue, feel free to create a ticket to our support team HERE