How to start with my vendor account?


These steps will help you start to configure the SaaS setting module for your needs

Step 1: Choose the way you want to work with the affiliate script

  1. Using the script eCommerce module.
  2. Use your own external store/site and do integration.
  3. Both!


Step 2: If you want to set the commission that admin will get from vendors activity, this guide will give you full info:


Step 3: Once you log in with a vendor account, and you want to set the commission to affiliates, this guide will give you full info:


Step 4: Script eCommerce store

  • Add a product to the store using the navigation menu: Vendor Market Place>>My Products, and send to review for system admin.


Step 5: Market Tools – [for integration with your external store/site] 

  • Steps are the same as on the admin side, only different that once you add program and banner, they are both will need to be approved by the admin side.
  • Choose the integration you want to do from this list, and do the same steps as explained: