How to set a commission to affiliate on my vendor panel?


In order to set a commission as a vendor to affiliates, for product/banner, please follow the instructions:

Navigate to the affiliate panel and once the affiliate is set as a vendor you will see two vendor items on the bottom of the left menu, that related to vendor settings for e-commerce and external integration.

Item 1Vendor Market Place – press on store setting and set the commission you want to share with the affiliate, for sale and clicks, choose the option to share with other affiliates, and save the settings.


Item 2Vendor Market Tools – press on “My Marketing Programs” and create your new program with the commission values that you want to share with the system affiliates. Once you save, the program will be auto-sent to admin review and you will be notified by email and on dashboard alerts with the results.


Item 2Vendor Market Tools – Admin Commission:

Once you edit the program you are able to see the commission that the admin requests to earn from your program.