How to reset my license key?


Reset License key

If you want to move your site to another location [domain/sub_domain/different folder], we are giving you the option to reset your license key instead buy a new one.

Option 1Uninstall the license from the running script side

  1. Login to the script admin side and navigate to Global Configuration>>Logs Tree
  2. Press the “uninstall button” and fill in your admin password and your item codecanyon license key. [Do not worry, you will not lose any data]
  3. If all details are correct then the script license will now reset and you will be able to install it again on any domain or sub_domain.
  4. Move the site guide available HERE


Option 2 – If your support item is not expired, you can log in to the client area and reset your license.

Log in using your license number and your buyer name to our client dashboard HERE


Step 2 – Navigate to License Tab and press the Uninstall button of the license key that you want to re-install.