How To Create WooCommerce Integration?


WooCommerce Order Integration:

Step 1 – Add Program

When you need to create a sale integration with your external store or your any external site that you are running sales and want to pay commission for each order and to each click on your store products, you will need to create a program and after that to assign the program to your campaign.

1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Programs

2: Press add a new button for adding a new program.

3: Set Sale integration details:

  • Set 
  • Set 
  • Set 

4: Set Click integration details:

  • Set 
  • Set 
  • Set 

5: Save the new program.


Step 2 – Add Campaign

1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Campaigns

2: Choose the type of Ads of your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video] and press add new.

3: Choose “Sale Integration” from the tool type menu.

4: Choose the integration tool from the list the under “Tool Integration Plugin” menu.

5: Choose the Period of your campaign.

6: Set the campaign name.

7: Set the Target link of the site you are doing integration with.

8: Set campaign category[Optional]

9: Set/Choose the commission program for your campaign.

10: Set campaign Terms.[Optional]

11: Select the users that the campaign will be available for them.[All, Selected users/ Selected groups]

12: Set to enable and save.

13: After saving, press on integrates code button to get full instructions for the integration with your site.

14: Install WooCommerce Integration Plugin

  • Run the script using HTTPS protocol, if not, then it can affect the tracking
  • Press on the integration icon and download the integration plugin to your pc


  • WooCommerce plugin installation
  • Log in to your WordPress site and navigate to the plugin area
  • Upload the plugin that you just download from our script and install it on your WordPress site
  • Activate the plugin


After installation is completed you will see our plugin on your plugins list


Navigate to setting>>Aff settings


  • Enable plugin status
  • Enable WooCommerce tracking
  • Enable Crtflows and disable WooCommerce, only if you are running Cartflows checkout theme!
  • Save your setting

Finally done, your WooCommerce plugin is installed and active!

15: Run integration security tester to check integration is valid.

16: Do a full test using an affiliate account and on a different browser where no admin and no affiliate are logins in.