How to create sale integration?


CPS – Cost Per Sale Integration:

  • Step 1 – create a program
  • Step 2 – Create a banner

Step 1 – Create program instructions

  • Run the script using HTTPS protocol, if not, then it can affect the tracking
  • Navigate to Marketing Tools>>Add Program
  • Add your new affiliate CPS[cost per sale] program


Press on the “add new” button



Sale Commission Settings:

  • Set
  • Set
  • Set


Click Commission Settings:

  • Set
  • Set
  • Set

Finally, save!


Step 2 – Navigate to Marketing Tools>>Add Banner

Create a new banner from the available options


On the general setting tab set all the banner data

  1. Choose “Program” in the tool type dropdown.
  2. on the right side, set the banner as enable, in case you want to publish it.
  3. select your sale program from the list.
  4. Set your external site/store/page target link, that you want your end-clients will be landing after press the affiliate banner.
  5. Choose category[option]
  6. choose icon and image[must set]

finally, save.


Press on website code to get the code to your order confirmation page

[This is the page that your clients will redirect after payment is complete successfully]


Set the common tracking code on your site header[the header must be common to all site pages]


Instructions to the order tracking code integration:

This code needs to integrate into your order confirmation page with your site variables

OrderId – replace it with your dynamic variable.
OrderCurrency– replace it with your dynamic variable.
OrderTotal– replace it with your dynamic variable.
ProductIDs– replace it with your dynamic variable.
WebsiteUrl = it auto set in the banner, just insert your site page or the page you want your users will land on when they press on the banners



Affiliate can see the banner on his side and share