How To Create Action Integration?


For Tracking fill form or registration Or Leads, need to use Action integration:

How the flow works:

1. Admin creates an ACTION  banner and inside will be your form target URL or your main domain url.

2. Admin place the tracking code inside the form thank you page.

3. Users[affiliates] register on affiliate script, login, and copy the banner link.

4. Users[affiliates] share the banner link anywhere he wants on his own networks like emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc…

5. End client press the banner and redirect to your main site.

6. End clients fill the form on your main site and lend on the thank you page.

7. The admin sees the incoming ACTION transaction and commission he needs to pay.

8. The affiliate sees the incoming ACTION transaction and the commission he needs to get.

9. Once the admin changes the ACTION status from “on-hold” to “In-wallet” status, then the affiliate gets his commission to his wallet.

10. Now affiliate can send a commission payment request to the admin for this transaction.



Any Action like Registration/leads/contact Form Sent / And any other action, will be on this section per action commissions.

Under Integrations>>Integration Tools >> Create new Ads [Banner/Text/Link/Video].

The Last Step Is To Insert the JavaScript tracking code into the page that should trigger the action.

For Example: In the Case of “Registration” Action, it should be a page that is displayed after the user register.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	AffTracker.setWebsiteUrl( "WebsiteUrl" );
	AffTracker.createAction( "actionCode" )

An example of integration code:

This code needs to integrate into your thank you page, where your end users are redirected after the registration process completed.

actionCode– replace it with the action code that you created inside your banner.
WebsiteUrl = it auto set in the banner, just insert your site page or the page you want your users will land on when they press on the banners