Language Overview:

The system supports multiple languages and we are delivering as free language packages as possible.

This module allows you to add multiple languages to your site by adding a new language name from a list, choosing your flag, and saving. Once done, you will be able to check our language packages and download yours to install on-site. If your language is not available on our list, just asked us and we will add it for free.

Some of the custom content is not supported by multi-language and you will be able to save your main language only with this specific content or page name or title as well. But also for this part, we are doing improvements from version to version.


In the admin panel left menu, navigate to useful links>>languages

Add new language:

  1. Press on add new button to add a new language.
  2. Select Your language from the drop-down languages list.
  3. Select Your language flag.
  4. Set the language as default.
  5. RTL setting.[Support for the store-front side]
  6. Press the Save button to complete the process.
  7. To edit your language package, press the Translation blue button.


Update the language package:

  1. Press the Import/Export button on the language row.
  2. Choose the language package that you download to your pc.
  3. The language package will auto-import, please wait until you will see a success message
  4. Select your language from the top dropdown language selector.
  5. Finally done.


Edit your own custom words:

  1. Press the TRANSLATION button in the row of the language that you added.
  2. Select the translation file to edit from the dropdown menu.
  3. Search for the word you would like to edit.
  4. Type the custom translation for the chosen word.
  5. Press the save changes button.
  6. Finally done.


Download your language package:

If you don’t see yours, just create a ticket HERE and ask for your language file, and we will add it here.

[We can add only one language package of your country for free(if available). More language packages will be in paid service]HERE


Country Code Action
Russian (ru) Download HERE
        French (fr) Download HERE
Japanese(ja) Download HERE
German (de) Download HERE
Polish (pl) Download HERE
Chinese (zh) Download HERE
Arabic (ar) Download HERE
Portuguese (pt) Download HERE
Vietnamese (vn) Download HERE
Indonesian (id) Download HERE
Spanish (es) Download HERE
Persian (fa) Download HERE
Italian (it) Download HERE
Turkish(tr) Download HERE
Greek(el) Download HERE
Indian(hi) Download HERE
Macedonian(mk) Download HERE
Dutch(nl) Download HERE
Swedish(sv) Download HERE
Thai(th) Download HERE
Malay (ms) Download HERE
Hebrew(he) Download HERE
Norwegian(no) Download HERE
Swahili(sw) Download HERE
Bulgarian(bg) Download HERE
Czech(bg) Download HERE
Ukrainian(uk) Download HERE
Korean(ko) Download HERE