How Order Integration Works?


Current script Sale integration is work like this:

1.Admin create a program and set sale commission
2.Admin create a banner and connect assign the program to the banner.
3.Affiliate sees the banner on his dashboard.
4.Affiliate share link on his private networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, email, site…etc.
5.End client press on that aff link, and redirect to your site.
6.End Client buys your product.
7.Admin get on his site incoming order and approve order payment.
8.Admin change status of order commission from “on-hold” to “in-wallet”.
9.Commission status change to in-wallet in the admin wallet.
10.Commission status change to in-wallet on the affiliate wallet.
Live example:
your site:
Affiliate admin side:
Program = 10% commission.
Order process:
End client buy product1 + product2
Total cart checkout: 100+200 = 300$
Commission: 10% from 300$ = 30$
Affiliate wallet:
The affiliate gets a 30$ commission to his wallet.
This is how our script is working when you are using an external order integration.
If you need a different process then you will need a custom integration that we can also do for you.
If yes, then describe all flow exactly how we describe it to you so we can give you the correct price & time of work.