How MlM works?


You can set multi-levels on your script so every affiliate can invite other users to register under his level and the top level that sent the invitation will always earn a commission for every activity that is done under his tree level.

For example, if we have Affiliate-A and he sends an invitation URL to his friends or shares it anywhere, and a new user register to be your affiliate from the Affiliate-A invitation link.

So now, Affiliate-B will be under Affiliate-A.

All activity that will have on the Affiliate-B account will affect the Affiliate-A account and he will get an auto commission from every activity Affiliate-B will do on his account.

That commission is set by admin under the left menu: MLM>>MLM Levels

Admin will be able to set the number of mlm levels he will have on his site, Script supports a maximum of 10 levels.

Admin is able to set the value of Sale, Action, Click of every level that is active.