How Membership module is working?


#Module 3 – Membership

By Using the membership module, you will be able to charge your users from using the system by any Time&Price you will create. You can charge affiliates, vendors, both, or disable for all.

  • Charge your affiliates/vendors for using the system by week, month, year, custom time.
  • Pay a bonus commission to the affiliates that buy your membership packages
  • Pay upline mlm commission when new user buy membership package from an affiliate link
  • Create unlimited membership plans and display them on the user panel and on the front side
  • Create a trial membership package and set it as your default registration plan
  • Set Special Price and full price to the membership plan front side view
  • Set Trial days to each membership plan you create for your users
  • Set paid LifeTime membership plan and/or Free LifeTime plan for your users
  • Set mail notification to alert user xxx days before his plan is going to end
  • Set 3 payment methods to charge users for buying membership plan [ Bank-transfer/Stripe/PayPal]
  • You can turn ON and OFF the module per your needs in one click
  • More payment methods are coming on version 6
  • Membership Online guide can be found HERE