How Membership module is working?


#Module 3 – Membership

The membership module allows you to charge a cost from your users to use the software-based plan that you create. For Ex. Monthly, yearly…etc

The Module is coming with the most important options so the admin can fully manage his users on the backend and manage the plan design side on the front end as well.

  • Admin can set which type of users to activate the membership module. [All Users/Affiliates/Vendors]
  • Admin can enable/disable membership module
  • Admin can create unlimited packages/plans of Time/Price
  • Admin can set a trial plan for his users
  • Admin can edit front end package design as he like
  • Admin can set end plan alert notification
  • Admin can set PayPal method payment
  • Admin can set bank transfer payment method
  • Admin can add any local payment method Using the payment documentation
  • Admin can manage membership orders
  • Admin can decline or approve his user’s membership plans any time
  • User can see a live running timer for his membership plan on his dashboard
  • User can buy a new package any time from their dashboard
  • User can see his history buying plan on his dashboard
  • Membership Online guide can be found HERE