What are the forms and how they can help me?

If you are using the local store module, the forms are another nice way to display your selected products on a landing page with a custom link and promote it for sale.

If you have for example 100 products in your store, and you want to create a separate landing page and display only 5 products, forms will help you do that.


Step 1: Set Form commission

Set form commission using this guide:


Step 2: Create Form

  1. Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>local store>>cart products>>forms tab
  2. Create a new form[can be done only if you created products first].
  3. Set title/SEO text/Content.
  4. Recurring – if you want, choose recurring commission.[Set corn joB: left menu>>useful links>>cron jobs>>Wallet transactions cron job]
  5. Coupon – you can choose a discount coupon for this landing page that every client that will have this coupon will get the discount that you set under the admin panel>>left menu>>local store>>forms coupon.
  6. After saving the form successfully, you will see a public option under the form name, once you press on that, you will see your landing page form live.
  7. From this moment also your affiliate can see it under the marketing page.