Affiliate Management system tool is the best tool to promote your online business products/service with your Affiliates and track many actions like product clicks, web clicks, store sales, recurring services, form leads, registrations, and many more actions that you can track and pay commission to your affiliates by helping you boost your business to the next level! You will manage all you need in one place and with no limitation!

Create your affiliate program and offer it to anyone, it can be your clients, friends, or anyone ready to market and share your products/services everywhere to boost your sales. Your part is to share a commission from your profit.



  • Track and pay commission for:
  • Sales Commissions
  • Clicks Commissions
  • Actions Commissions
  • Registrations Commissions
  • Leads Commissions
  • Games Commissions
  • Forms Commissions
  • Languages & CMS & Frameworks Supported:
  • Support PHP Sites Integration
  • Support JAVASCRIPT Sites Integration
  • Support ASP.NET Sites Integration
  • Support HTML Sites Integration
  • Support WOOCOMMERCE Sites Integration
  • Support OPENCART Sites Integration
  • Support MAGENTO Sites Integration
  • Support PRESTASHOP Sites Integration
  • Support CODEIGNITER Sites Integration
  • Support LARAVEL Sites Integration
  • Support CAKEPHP Sites Integration
  • Support SYMFONY Sites Integration
  • Support YII Sites Integration
  • Support LUMEN Sites Integration
  • Support BIGCOMMERCE Sites Integration
  • Support OSCOMMERCE Sites Integration
  • Support XCART Sites Integration
  • Support ZENCART Sites Integration
  • Support Any Custom Sites Integration
  • Market Tool module to create an affiliate program with your site
  • MLM module to build your Multi-level marketing
  • Wallet module to manage all transactions & commissions
  • Recurring module to set recurring commission to any affiliate program
  • SaaS module to create your multi-vendors network market
  • Live payouts module to pay your affiliates
  • Registration API module to register from your site
  • Newsletter module to notify your users
  • Plugin Integration: Plug & Play Plugins for fast integrate
  • Multiple Admins to a better manage
  • Membership module to charge your affiliates/vendors
  • Language Manager module to add multi-languages
  • Currency Manager module to add multi currencies
  • Postback module to track values from any site
  • Store module to promote your products & services
  • and many more…

Marketing Tool Module allows you to create an affiliate program integration with any site or store with a full list of supported technologies. You install ready to plug& play plugins to the supported cms without touch any code and in 5 mins only!

For other frameworks, you will need to place the integration code manually inside your site header and your order confirmation page as well. We have full documentation for this case HERE
The script comes with a full-order API integration library if you need to create your own custom integration.
We are offering a custom integration for any case with your site, just challenge us HERE please and we will give you the best offer we can with our service.

MLM module allows you to create a multi-level commission plan for your affiliates. In this way, your affiliates will get a commission for all the levels placed in their network Tree. This is a super motivation module that will definitely motivate your affiliates to invite other persons to register to your system!

  • Support CPS[Cost Per Sale] External integration
  • Support CPC[Cost Per Click] External integration
  • Support CPA[Cost Per Action] External integration
  • Support CPS[Cost Per Sale] Script E-commerce products
  • Support CPC[Cost Per Click] Script E-commerce products
  • Admin can see his full network Tree on his dashboard and each user with his level
  • Affiliate user can see their own network Tree on their dashboard and the levels under
  • Admin can set that user will see his sponsor or not
  • Admin can Enable/Disable the mlm module with one click. He can also enable/disable for specific chosen users
  • Affiliate can find his invitation link on his dashboard and use it to invite his friends to register and on this way the affiliate network will grow and by that, the affiliate can earn more profit for all his network activity
  • The script comes with a full order API integration library, in case you need to create your own custom integration
  • MLM Example scenario can be display HERE

The membership module allows you to charge a cost from your users to use the software-based plan that you create. For Ex. Monthly, yearly…! The Module is coming with the most important options so the admin can fully manage his users on the backend and manage the plan design side on the front end as well.

  • Admin can set which type of users to activate the membership module. [All Users/Affiliates/Vendors]
  • Admin can enable/disable membership module
  • Admin can set MLM levels with the membership module. [available from version]
  • Admin can create unlimited packages/plans of Time/Price
  • Admin can set a trial plan for his users
  • Admin can edit front end package design as he like
  • Admin can set end plan alert notification
  • Admin can set PayPal method payment
  • Admin can set bank transfer payment method
  • Admin can add any local payment method Using the payment documentation
  • Admin can manage membership orders
  • Admin can decline or approve his user’s membership plans any time
  • User can see a live running timer for his membership plan on his dashboard
  • Users can buy a new package any time from their dashboard
  • User can see his history buying plan on his dashboard
  • Membership Online guide can be found HERE


The SaaS module allows you to set any user that you choose to be your vendor and as admin, you can earn a commission from all his activity.

The module allows ADMIN to create its own VENDORS network and allow them to create its own affiliate program, create a banner, and integrate with its own site/stores.

The module allows the vendors to upload their own products to script admin e-commerce and boost the sales with all other affiliates of the system. Imagine that you upload one single product that for example, 500 affiliates share the link with only 5 friends from their private network[Facebook/Instagram/email], the result can be [500 x 5= 2500] clicks in one single share!

  • Admin can activate the SaaS module and allow his users to integrate their own site/store into the system
  • Admin can activate the SaaS module for a specific user from his panel and allow the user to be an affiliate and also a vendor by using the SaaS module
  • Admin can set his own commission for every sale/click/action, that will be trigged from his vendor users
  • The vendor can integrate his own site/store
  • The vendor can create unlimited affiliate programs
  • The vendor can create unlimited banners from any type(image/links/text/video)
  • The vendor can set that all his products/banners will be public to all site users
  • The vendor can create unlimited physical products in the admin store
  • The vendor can create unlimited downloadable products in the admin store
  • The vendor can create unlimited discount coupons for his products in the admin store
  • The vendor can display his own orders & logs on his panel


The eCommerce module allows you to manage all your online business in one place without any need to create an online store or any external website. As you can use the script eCommerce to sell your products, the most important is that eCommerce auto-generates the share links for your affiliates without doing anything!

A few more advantages are that you do not need to work on two systems and synchronize data between two sites, as the script gives you the full solution of the store and online forms with a full affiliate program in one place! Is that amazing?!

  • Sell Physical/Downloadable/virtual Products
  • A full checkout process includes the most popular live payment getaways
  • Offline payment methods like bank transfer/cash on delivery
  • Sell virtual products / downloadable products / physical products
  • Upload unlimited products
  • Create unlimited categories
  • Add clients from backend and front end
  • Manage your store clients from the backend
  • Full dashboard to clients
  • Set discounts to your clients by adding a coupon
  • Add unlimited coupons to your store
  • Support google analytics to the store
  • Support an About page on the store-front side
  • Support categories page on the store-front side
  • Support Policy page on the store-front side
  • Support Contact us page on the store-front side
  • Publish Checkout form with selected products
  • Add unlimited Forms and share them separately
  • Add variants to your products
  • Support PayPal live payment getaway method
  • Support Stripe live payment getaway method
  • Support Skrill live payment getaway method
  • Support Paytm live payment getaway method
  • Support Opay live payment getaway method
  • Support Yandex live payment getaway method
  • Support Paystack live payment getaway method
  • Support Razorpay live payment getaway method
  • Support Bank transfer offline payment method
  • Support Cash on delivery offline payment getaway method
  • API option for adding your own local payment getaway method
  • Link To eCommerce Demo


Plug&Play Plugins for fast integration with your site. You can download and install bridge plugins between the AMS to your CMS site. This option will save you much time with manual integration and integration will be completed just in a few mins.

  • Support WooCommerce
  • Support Magento
  • Support OpenCart
  • Support Prestashop
  • Support Shopify


For JavaScript, iFrame, and image pixels, there is always the risk that a conversion is lost due to the session cookie being blocked or deleted from the user’s browser. While these instances are rare, (around 3% of internet users block cookies) to ensure that tracking is as accurate as it can be, you can implement a cookieless tracking backup option where you can manually pass the session click-id to the advertiser landing page, and on conversion, an advertiser can pass the click-id back to the offer pixel to record conversions in instances where cookies are not being tracked.


  • Admin can pay his affiliates using live payouts payment getaways
  • Live payment getaways support live PayPal payouts
  • Live payouts getaway support bank transfer method
  • Live payouts module support API to create your own local payment getaway


  • Manage your transactions with a recurring manager
  • Recurring Integration with your site/store
  • Set a recurring cycle to any transaction
  • Set a recurring to any Ads you create
  • Set a schedule for any recurring integration
  • Play And Stop any running recurring transaction
  • Set a stopping point to any integration in your site
  • Set a cron job to the recurring module on your hosting
  • View a full data of the recurring transaction on the admin wallet
  • View a full data of the recurring transaction on affiliate wallet


  • Manage your Ads from one tool
  • Super Advanced Market Tool
  • Banner Ads Manager
  • Video Ads Manager
  • Link Ads Manager
  • Text Ads Manager
  • One-click get code to site


  • Manage your affiliates and your client from one dashboard
  • Add unlimited affiliates
  • Support country manager
  • support mobile-based country manager
  • Referring Tree MLM Levels
  • Newsletter Members Module
  • Excel Export Members Module
  • Excel Import Members Module
  • multiple admins


  • Manage your offline and online alerts
  • Alerts and Setting
  • Alert live sound notification
  • Alert live logs window notification
  • Alert fade in the live notification
  • First setting module for a fast start


  • Full reports manager and statistics
  • Live Reports & Transactions
  • General market Ads page To Admin & Affiliate
  • General orders page To Admin & Affiliate
  • General logs page To Admin & Affiliate

So many more awesome features include…

  • Backup Manager
  • Restore Manager
  • Currency Manager
  • Mail template Manager
  • Top 10 affiliates module
  • Top one affiliate module
  • Language Manager
  • Front theme Manager
  • BackEnd theme Manager
  • Reports Manager
  • Wallet Manager
  • Themes Manager


  • Show Affiliate ID: If you want to show affiliate id on your external website then you need to add this script code to your website inside the head tag
  • Show Affiliate ID [WORDPRESS PLUGIN]: Integrate show affiliate plugin into wordpress. download the module from here WordPress Module and follow the following step
  • Registration Form Integration: Register anyone to be your affiliate using Registration APIFrom from any site into affiliate script
  • Refer A Friend to be your affiliate in the system[As Admin]
  • Refer A Friend to be your affiliate in the system[As Vendor]



  • Affiliate script SaaS is a stand-alone PHP script that can be installed on every basic shared hosting
  • Support HTTP/HTTPS
  • Linux shared hosting
  • zip Extension Enable
  • php_curl Enable
  • allow_url_fopen
  • upload_max_filesize: 128MB
  • post_max_size: 128MB
  • PHP version 7.2 +
  • MySQL [MariaDB 10.2 +]
  • MySQL 5.6 +