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Dashboard Overview

By admin


The new Admin Dashboard is a comprehensive control panel designed to give you a bird’s eye view of all the critical aspects of your system. It presents data in an easily digestible manner, helping you to make informed decisions quickly. This guide provides an in-depth look at the various features and statistics available on the dashboard.

Key Metrics

Total Admin Balance

This displays the sum total of all financial transactions within the system that are allocated to the admin’s balance.

Total Actions and Commissions

Here, you’ll see the total number of actions performed and the corresponding commissions earned from those actions.

Total Clicks and Commissions

This shows the aggregate number of clicks across the system and the commissions generated from these clicks.

User Engagement

Top Affiliate User

This section highlights the affiliate user who has generated the most earnings in the system, allowing you to identify key performers.

Top 10 Affiliates

This section lists the top 10 affiliates based on their earnings, giving you insights into your highest-performing partners.


Invitation Link for New Vendors

A quick link is provided to invite new vendors to join the system.

Invitation Link for New Affiliates

A similar quick link is available for inviting new affiliates.

Graphical Insights

Graph Statistics

A set of interactive graphs presents a visual overview of actions, sales, and other important metrics in the system, aiding in data analysis and forecasting.

Geographical Information

User Location Map

A geographic map displays the location of your users by country, offering insights into your user base’s global distribution.

Order Statistics

External Orders

If you’ve integrated external stores or sites, this section will record and display orders originating from those platforms.

All Store Orders

Statistics related to all store orders are displayed here, allowing for a quick review of sales performance.


The Admin Dashboard is engineered to be a one-stop solution for managing your business metrics, user engagement, and other critical system statistics. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features aim to simplify your admin tasks and provide actionable insights.