Cart mode – Add product


The local store cart mode allows you to add a new product and the checkout process will be based on Add-To-Cart.

You can create unlimited cart mode products and the front side will be the default store theme as well.


The store can run only one mode, Cart mode or Sales mode.

Step 1: Enable Cart mode under the admin side>>local store>>setting>>switch the store mode to cart and save your setting.

Step 2: Add your new cart product under the admin side>>left menu>>local store>>cart products


Product Fields:

  • Product Type – Choose your product type [physical-virtual/downloadable/lms]
  • Product Name – Enter your product name
  • Product SKU – Enter your product SKU
  • Product MSRP – Enter your product full price
  • Product Price – Enter your product sale price
  • Short Description – Enter the product short description
  • Categories – Enter your product category
  • Add Variation – add a new variation for the product
  • Country Location – set the country it will be sold[optional]
  • Long Description – Enter the product long description
  • Product tags – Add your product tags
  • Recursion Details – set recurring commission[optional]
  • Upload file – Allow user to upload his files to order[optional]
  • Show On Store – display on the front store side
  • Enable Shipping – set shipping if needed[optional]
  • Commission Settings – set the product commission as default or custom


  • If the product is physical/virtual, press the physical/virtual tab and make sure it will be in gray color.
  • If the product is downloadable, press the downloadable tab and make sure it will be in gray color.
  • If the product is LMS, press the LMS tab and make sure it will be in gray color.


The product will be added to the front side store and will be displayed on the user marketplace page.