Want to get ahead of the rest in any affiliate program? The best affiliate clone is the way to go. Simply install and start tracking your commissions.

In the affiliate marketplace, ingenuity is key if you are to compete favorably. This is the secret of successful affiliates who make really good money; to the tune of more than $15,000 per month. The real difference comes in the choice of the best affiliate clones. You get it right, you are certain to make a fortune in the affiliate marketplace.

There are many clone script providers online. Literally, all of them claim to have the key to success in the affiliate program business. Making a smart choice is the real measure of success. There are a number of pointers you must look out for in a quality affiliate clone:

• Capacity to automate sales processes. A quality affiliate clone automates sales and makes it easy to track transactions and commissions.• Quality customer support. The technical support team should be available round the clock. The best affiliate clone’s support is very responsive and acts at a moment’s notice. • Easy installation and customizability. It should be easy to install and use. Simplicity in an affiliate software is key if the user is to reap the full benefits. Users tend to shun complex systems that require complex coding to give simple results. Customizability is also very critical. The user should be able to make adjustments as appropriate. This option allows the user to tweak their sales pages accordingly.• User-friendly content management system. The user interface should be very simple and direct. All the relevant icons should be visible and responsive.• A clear distinction between the admin panel and the clients’ transaction details.

This distinction is vital so that important info on transactions and clients do not get mixed up with other admin details.

In order to make use of the best affiliate clone, one must register and then incorporate the software on their website.

Once the affiliate link is on your web pages, visitors on your page may click on it if interested in the product or service. If they do, they will be redirected to the merchant’s website where they’ll make a purchase. You will then get a commission for every purchase made.

The best affiliate clone comes with different models of generating revenue. The most common of all is the sales commission. This is paid for traffic directed to the merchant’s website and that ends up with a purchase.

Commissions are paid on the following basis; pay per lead, pay per click, pay per acquisition. You choose what you want or use what is provided on the merchant website.

Banner adverts and membership plans are other models that can be used to generate some extra bucks by web owners using the best affiliate clone. All these are provided by the merchant web owner to help drive traffic to the affiliate website.

The best affiliate clone software is an investment worth considering if you own a website. It will help you generate some extra cash and at the same time, automate and manage your sales.



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