The all-powerful tool: The affiliate clone

If you are in an affiliate program, credibility in sales is critical to winning the trust and confidence of prospective buyers. Here’s how to use the affiliate clone to achieve just that.

Competition in business is real and affiliate program users know this for sure. To stay ahead of the pack, you have to open up your mind to new concepts. The affiliate clone is the new kid on the block. It is focused and packed to the rafters with money-making features, this innovation is simply the game-changer in the affiliate program world.

The affiliate clone is innovatively built uniquely to help you, the affiliate, maximize the full earning potential of any affiliate program. With the affiliate clone utility, you can protect your affiliate links and establish links to order or product pages at the click of a button. The software gives you absolute control over vital aspects of your online business.

Benefits of affiliate clone

This revolutionary software has plenty of benefits. Some of these are as follows: • It helps with automatic redirects to merchant websites and for the same, you get referral commissions. • You can stop any unnecessary product or order page instantly so that you only focus on web pages that bring you money. • With the affiliate clone, buyers can make direct orders via emails. This will boost your sales dramatically. • It also helps identify and stop affiliate link hijackers intent on stealing your commissions.

With the affiliate clone, you are literally in control of every aspect of your business. The software helps you keep track of sales and profits with ease and confidence.

There are different revenue models available with affiliate clone. As an affiliate, the following are some of the sources of money you can tap: • Commissions • Advert banners • Membership plans

Commissions are paid on the basis of pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per acquisition. The choice of a particular option is subject to the terms of service in a particular affiliate network.

Advert banners can also generate extra income. The affiliate clone software is so versatile it provides banner ads as a money generating source to the affiliates.

You can also make some money from subscribers depending on the membership plans they choose. Every plan should have its attaching privileges.

How it works

The affiliate clone, like other affiliate script software, requires the user to register. Registered users are then capable of getting commissions from traffic or leads redirected to the merchant website.

Some affiliate website owners are provided with promotion links that are integrated into their web pages. The links are then used to keep track of sales pages.

Because of its customizability, it is easy to edit categories, remove pages, and add new ones depending on how you want it. In addition, it is also highly scalable. You can add in loads of provisions and it will still work perfectly well.

Maximize your online earnings with the affiliate clone. It is built secure, efficient, and consistent with the current trends in the affiliate marketplace.



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