Add New Click Campaign


In this article, you will learn how to add a new click campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Campaigns

Step 2: Choose the type of Ads of your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video] and press add new.

Step 3: Choose “Click Integration” from the tool type menu.

Step 4: Choose the Period of your campaign.

Step 5: Set the campaign name.

Step 6: Set the Target link of the site you are doing integration with.

Step 7: Set campaign category[Optional]

Step 8: Set/Choose the commission action data for your campaign. [/

Step 9: Set campaign Terms.[Optional]

Step 10: Select the users that the campaign will be available for them.[All, Selected users/ Selected groups]

Step 11: Set to enable and save.

Step 12: After saving, press on integrate code button to get full instructions for the integration with your site.

Step 13: After the integration is complete, you will need to validate the campaign and run a security tester to validate that the integration code is implemented on your target site correctly and after its success, you will see the campaign is approved status and it will be displayed on the user side.

Step 14: For each campaign, you can set MLM Default/Custom setting by navigating to the levels tab inside the edit campaign option.

Step 15: For each campaign, you can set the recurring setting to Default/Custom by navigating to the recurring tab inside the edit campaign option.

Step 16: For each campaign, you can set the PostBack setting to Disable/Default/Custom by navigating to the postback tab inside the edit campaign option. A full guide is available HERE and it is for advanced developers.