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You will get a full source and you will be able to edit the script for your own needs.  There is no any API in the script and you are running the full affiliate pro script on your server.  You will always can get our support for free 24/7.


You will be able to install multiple times in your business domain. You can install it also on sub_domains as well.  We are not limit you on the numbers of installation, and we can give you one installation for free


You will be able to install the script and run it on the very basic shared hosting from every hosting company that you like.  Our affiliate pro script not need any vps or dedicated server to run.  Its run in every basic linux shared hosting as well. 

Track Sales & Clicks

Affiliate Pro gives you the ability to track sales, actions, clicks and more for all the external website you have. Our main goal with this affiliate management system is that you to give you one system to control all your site’s activity with your affiliates.


Using Affiliate Pro you can boost your monthly sales to the sky! you can invite so many users to be your affiliates, share commission for every sale, and boost your business sales as you ever dream on!


Our main goal is to give you the best tool to your business and to charge from you a minimum cost of our lifetime license, so you pay one time and the script include all updates is for you for a lifetime. Go to the price page and see our best offer on the market.

All you need is basic shared hosting to run our script...


Affiliate Pro is an affiliate management system that lets you track clicks, signups, sales, and every Action your business needs and then assign them to the right affiliates with the option of reports and payouts. Affiliate Pro is used to run on your hosting and it can be also your main site as well. An affiliate program with the advantage of complete customization and ability to control and manage your affiliates, commissions, and setups. Starting an affiliate program with Affiliate Pro is the best way to boost the sales of your business. Affiliate Pro is fairly easy even non-tech professionals. Full documentation is online and updated daily. Join Affiliate Pro today and boost your sales.


Affiliate Pro is one of the most cost-effective online marketing channels. It’s especially popular with Any site you have, any store cms you have like Woocommerce, Magento and more. Unlike PPC, with THIS Affiliate Management system, you only pay for real sales and real clicks and real CPA[cost per pay]. That way, you don’t have to pay for advertisement which doesn’t work. Affiliate Pro improves your Page Rank and SEO by having affiliates link back to your website. Our script will give you all ability you need to prevent full power to your business. An amazing tool that was created only for your needs.


Affiliate Pro Script is #1 ranked and most reviewed affiliate management system on the market. It is easy to set up an operation and connects with virtually any website or payment gateway. Currently, more than 250,000 businesses from all over the world trust Affiliate Pro as their choice for affiliate software. Affiliate Pro features rock-solid tracking, scalability and endless customization and grows with your needs. All at a one time paid for a lifetime. we are always trying to be different and to give our best tool & support to our clients and to ensure that our goal will be done on the best high level of your business.

Amazing Dashboard

Starting an affiliate program with Affiliate Pro is the best way to boost the sales of your business.
Affiliate Pro is a fairly easy affiliate management system that even non-tech professionals.
Using our amazing admin dashboard will give you the ability for fully control your data.

Manage Better With A Simple Affiliate Management System

Amazing Front Theme

Let your affiliates register and login from an amazing top design front themes
Affiliate pro script give you the most power full ability to manage your front side with the most amazing front side bootstrap themes design
affiliate pro script

Boost Your Business Sells Using Affiliate Managment System

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